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  • Make a VIDEO or submit your PHOTOS addressing: Defining Moment

    People’s lives are shaped by critical moments where they have to make a difficult decision. The consequences of each choice affect the rest of their lives. Explore how a character – real or imagined – acts in a “defining moment” and how their set of values drives their choice. Read More
  • Make a VIDEO or submit your PHOTOS addressing: Entrepreneurship

    Tell the story of someone who imagines a better future, diligently pursues a project to help achieve that future, and does so while retaining a sense of humility. Focus on ordinary people who do extraordinary things and the character traits help them succeed. This entrepreneur can be a real person or an imagined character. Read More
  • Make a VIDEO or submit your PHOTOS addressing: Repression

    Depict how individuals experience the impact of repression in their personal lives. Capture a moment where the pain of repression becomes visible – and examine how positive values can be harnessed to overcome it. Read More
  • Make a VIDEO or submit your PHOTOS addressing: Transformation

    As grassroots reform movements sweep the Middle East, explore how people who were passive for many years have suddenly taken responsibility and risked their safety to achieve a better future for their societies. Profile someone who made (or is making) this transition and the positive moral values they display. Read More
  • Make a VIDEO or submit your PHOTOS addressing: A View from the Future

    It is 2020, and a wave of uprisings has washed over the Middle East. Imagine a scene from the new open societies left in the wake of this freedom tsunami. Depict a moment that is impossible in today’s reality and investigate how positive moral values enable such a breakthrough. Read More
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The top three winning entries will be awarded $1500 each and will be shown in The Seattle International Film Festival. Additionally, the top 10 entries will be shown in film festivals that will be organized by AIC in Tunisia and Iraq. 

Read the RULES

Entrants must be 35 years old or younger as of the contest deadline. Videos may range from one to ten minutes in length. All photograph submissions must be 5 megabytes or smaller.

Enter the CONTEST

Submit your entry by August 1, 2014 for a chance to win cash prizes and recognition for your work at the Seattle International Film Festival.